Group fight

Group Fighting in Martial Arts

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Group fight and protection against group attack. Hand to hand combat against groups of enemies

King Dabshalim said : “…Now tell me a parable of the man who, though his enemies are many and approach him from all sides,  yet manages to escape from them.”

 (Story of the Mouse and the Cat by Ibn al-Muqaffa, VII  AD)

Group Fighting
Group fight


Group fighting. The majority of people in our world are decent and calm. But when our external environment changes or we have conflicts at work and family even square John can become very aggressive. When such people meet they pack like stray dogs. The key word is PACK. A pack of furious dogs can attack even a lion! That is why in all civilized countries committing a group crime is a serious offence which is punished severely.

Group attack is attack of two and more people. Group bout is hand to hand fight with several opponents.

According to the Constitution of any country: a person, his/her life and health, dignity and personal security are the highest social value. Because of it threat or attack of a group  is a very dangerous action and you can use any methods and ways of self-defense. However, you should not go beyond necessary defense.

We won’t dig deep into legal details and continue discussion in this way. We know  the law is often broken and money, relations and corruption  influence the decision who is right – “One law for the rich and another for the poor.”  But we all must be aware of law aspects.

As Bender from the masterpiece Gold Calf said, “I am not an angel, and I have no wings but I don’t break  the Criminal Code. This is my weakness.”

Group bout and hand to hand fight, sport and group attack

Many people do different Martial Arts. They learn techniques, train and drill them with one opponent; coaches say, “When you master necessary (needed) level of knowledge and skills and win the competition, you will defeat many.” But it is not true. Tactics and actions against superior power of opponent, which happens while a group attack, constitute the true skills in real Martial Arts schools. The key word is school, not section, not training, not gym. Only school denotes the sense  an meaning of studying correctly.

You can’t enter higher professional educational establishment and communicate with teachers without writing skills. Good fitness, striking and throwing joint locks skills and ability to use several kinds of weapon is an elementary stage of Martial Arts master the skills to resist a group attack.

In secondary school you study strategies and tactics of hand to hand fighting and strengthen your spirit. When you have this knowledge and skills, your chances to survive during the group attack are higher. However, when a sportsman wins the competition and becomes a champion, he is proud of himself, his achievements, but he loses feeling of reality and appears in the world of illusions. He is sure he can overcome any danger in the street. Criminals gather into group, take weapon and are ready to attack and kill. Many sportsmen are not ready and lose criminals, especially in a group bout.

Group FightingTo say nothing about an ordinary person.  He has no special skills or understanding what to do in stressful situations. Besides, he thinks about routine problems. In a best case scenario his preparation involves fitness or swimming. And when this person witnesses a group attack, he behaves as if it is not his business. If he is attacked, he is not ready to resist and looks for help and regrets not attending fighting classes.

To learn group fight

History knows a lot of examples of correct behavior during the group attack.

For example, a group bout is described in the famous novel by Raffaello Giovagnoli Spartacus. The main hero killed the group of attackers according to the principle “Divide et impera” which means “Divide and rule”. You can find a lot of true principles in the Chinese texts Sun Tzu also titled The Art of War. Many people reading these works of literature don’t see the principles.

It is because they don’t practice Martial Arts. If you go in for sports only, you can’t use tactics and techniques even if you noticed them described somewhere.

Do yourself, attend seminars and trainings in group fights!

Group Fighting

Behavior in case of group attack

When the gang goes out to hunt, they have one goal – to prove their superiority over other people and humiliate them morally. Some use physical power and are ready to fight, lame and kill. Others only bluff and scare. You need to understand it and be ready for bluff. It is important to deter aggression of the group in the beginning and try to stop the use of power.

It is important to understand that if you decided to use power you should be fast and tough. Don’t think about consequences of injuries or even killing. In prison you have more chances to survive than to escape the grave. Your self-defense is not your right. It is your obligation.

Group fight. The basic principles of self-defense from group attacks:


  • Always mind that you deal with the armed opponent.  Group bout is fight with several people, any can have a knife.
  • If you decide to attack, don’t hesitate and be the first to attack.
  • Attack vital striking areas: throat or groin.
  • When you communicate with gangsters use their language – find appropriate words and phrases.
  • You should keep the distance of 1.5 m from them.  If the distance is shorter you can’t react to a knife prick.
  • Keep your eyes on your opponent. If he keeps his hand behind his back or in the pocket, under the clothes, bends left or right, you should attack immediately or step backward.
  • Keep calm. Such emotions as fear or anger will serve you bad favour – you won’t see the knife, won’t react and you will be killed.
  • If you start, don’t stop! Remember that you have been attacked by PACK. A group fight is cruel. Your opponent wants to cut your throat, so don’t feel sorry for him.
  • Don’t stay there after the fight! Hurry to leave the place.
  • Get rid of signs that can be used against you!
  • Strike and smile!  Be always friendly and polite. Your appearance, behavior and gestures must have positive impression on witnesses and police officers in case they appear suddenly.
  • Aggression from you must be only at the moment of your strike.
  • You must always have something you can use for self-defense: coins, a metal pen, keys. When you leave home always check your pockets.
  • Any movement behind you should be identified as threat! You have no eyes on the back, so everybody behind can be your enemy.
  • Any provocation is attack! If your enemy is closer and touches or pushes you, you should attack without hesitating. It is better to make excuses later: you were afraid, you saw danger etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to lame or kill! You deal with cruel pack and you have the right to do anything to protect your life and the life of your nearest and dearest!
  • You have no right to lose your life!

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